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Hello Lakewood Drama Alumni!

I would like to personally invite you to participate in this exciting opportunity. We are inviting ALL Lakewood Drama Alumni to participate in a scene in our spring musical, Newsies. For years, the students of the drama department have been asking me, "When are we doing Newsies?" The show was not released until 2018. So... we are now doing Newsies! There are so many drama alumni who wanted to do this show that we decided to include alumni for a scene. The alumni are going to be the Brooklyn Newsies! So, if you know the show, when Spot sings "Brooklyn's Here" is when alumni will be joining the show. We are hoping for a large turnout!

The participating alumni will be singing one song along with the high school students. We are looking for a the presence of a large number of alumni over a small group of great singers. That means that there will be enough experienced singers to help "cover" for the "not so experienced" singers. Please consider participating! For this to have the impact we envision, we need a LARGE number of Alumni. Plus, I can't wait to work with you all again, and some of you for the first time.

Details and registration are below. We ask that you share this info with the other Lakewood Drama alumni in your life.  Please, consider taking part in this historic event!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Martha Fickle

Lakewood Director of Theatre


What is the commitment?

Our vision is that this will take minimal time. There will not be any alumni rehearsals before show weekend. We will just have one rehearsal on opening night; we will serve you dinner and then run the show.

Here is the schedule for the weekend:

Friday, May 2nd:

3:00 PM - Blocking rehearsal with alumni. We understand that 3 PM on a Friday may be hard to attend, but we are trying to not have any other rehearsals. Having everyone at this rehearsal is extremely important. If at all possible, we need you there, but that being said, not being able to attned this rehearsal does NOT exclude you. Shoot me (Martha) an email with your conflict issue and we can work something out.

5:00 PM - Dinner for all drama alumni, provided by our drama boosters.

6:30 PM - Running the scene with the orchestra and high school students.

7:00 PM - House opens.

7:30 PM - Curtain opens.

Saturday, May 4th:

Please report by intermission.

Sunday, May 5th (curtain at 3 PM):

Please report by intermission.


We will be holding seats for participating alumni in the balcony so you can watch the show if you wish. If you are participating in the show, your seat is free. Your family and friends can reserve their tickets at We will also have a live feed in the HS library. Last year many of the alumni watched in the PAC for one show, then hung out in the library the rest of the nights. It can be all three - but we don't want to hold a large amount for all three shows if we don't have to. We think we will sell out!

For the purpose of minimal disruption during the show, we ask that you sit at the top with the alumni, and not your family. This way you can leave quickly and quietly before your scene.

We will also have amonitor in the HS library, which will be the alumni home base for the weekend.


We ask each alumni to wear:

- A pair of tan, black, brown, or earth tone pants

- Socks up over your pant legs to look like knickers :)

- A plain colored earth tone or white shirt

- Black or brown dress shoes, no heels

We need to look like newsies :) Each alumni will be provided a hat. Long hair must be up in a bun or ponytail.


Here is the music you need to prepare. Please do not let it intimidate you! Don't worry if you are not a singer - there will be a large number of folks onstage, so you will not be singing by yourself. Singing melody on everything is more than okay. 

Alumni will be singing "Brooklyn's Here." It may look like a lot, but the songs are fairly repetitive and simple. You can sing melody or choose the part that you normally sing. In addition to this, alumni will be participating in the Alma Mater.

To help you learn the music, we have included the following:

- A PDF of all the music (below)

- A link to the original cast recording of the song


- Directions on how to download the MIDI (background tracks) to your phone

1. Download RehearScore from the Apple Store or Google Play

2. Sign in with username "newsies"

3. Enter this password: 75832247

We hope that you will consider participating! Registration is embedded below, and the deadline to register is March 29th, 2019. See you there!

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